Hip Hop Music Keeps on To Rules the Music Charts

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Suburban Kids! They locked on the beats, nouveau riche lifestyle full of machismo and bling, and they latched on to the party. Hip-hop may have started out as a companion to rap music, but today, the two musical categories are the world apart. Hip hop is cool, full of energy, dynamic, catchy, male, female, American, European, Asian and Indian all at the same time.


Modern hip hop is so danced friendly that honestly no appreciates the lyrics anymore. I can call a lot of up and comers in the field consisting of Lloyd Banks, Ciara (or anybody else from the Missy/Timbaland factory) and Chingy. Then, let's not overlook the 3 million people that comprise G-Unit and D12. That's cool.


Now, can I call one verse of any tune, by any of these artists? Obviously not! These people are offering hip hop music for the club. If I hear even 3 seconds of a tune from any of them, I'm on the dance floor. Still, I cannot develop two strong lines to any of their tunes. Why?


Hip Hop Music Masters


Rap music was artist owned. Hip Hop music is producer driven. Producers are the ones who put together all the ingredients to obtain you the last product, a hit tune. Since the rise of the manufacturers beginning with Missy and Timbaland in the mid 90's hip-hop music has gone mainstream.


The lyrics don't matter much any longer because of the meat of the music-- is in the music. The complex plans, samples on top of samples, visitor stars, desire tobe stars and more, all culminate into MTV prepared hit tunes.


It's not that hip hop is not deep, or socially conscious. It's just that it has a different family tree. Rap masters were the lyricists. Hip Hop Masters are non-spoken communicators. This is the blessing and curse of hip hop music.


That is why hip hop music is so present on radio, cable television, and now, in the online world. If you think that contemporary hip-hop is a bit much, perhaps you need to try one of the streaming radio stations where you can choose hip hop music from the 80's and 90's when rappers were still in charge. Get in touch with De La Soul and some of the other early hip hop leaders.


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